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Chris Guest is a London based artist.

A child of the 80s, He grew up in inner city Bristol, and wasted a lot of his early life playing 80s arcade games, drawing comic books in his bedroom and collecting Garbage Pail Kids stickers, when perhaps instead he should’ve been out getting drunk on park benches with everyone else his age. 


As a teenager he exhibited paintings in a gallery in Cornwall that was ran by a family member (Probably because he felt sorry for Chris.) Thankfully as far as we know, none of these paintings are still in existence!


Fast forward 20 years, his originals and prints are collected worldwide, and his art has been featured in many magazines, publications Art Fairs and galleries all over the world.


Chris also holds regular painting workshops around the UK and US, teaching the next generation all the bad painting habits he’s picked up along the way.


Chris currently lives and works in London, with his wife and daughter.

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